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This past week has been very eye opening in many ways. Lots of things in motion for FINN & CO. My dad likes to say " The SAGA continues". I knew V-day was around the corner, and it is funny the pressure that is always subtly attached to the holidays or the expectations.  However, I let go of expecting roses, candies, candles, cards and all the other mushy stuff. I just wanted a simple kiss. I woke today with a full heart as both my kids gave me their little smooches, big smiles and the husband too! It is what I asked for. The universe heard me. Do you believe in the power of the universe? 
How many of you practice yoga? Meditation? Mantras? While yoga is not new to me...meditation is. I can not keep my eyes closed and sitting still is very hard. I learned that is exactly what is needed, stillness, and a shift in focus. I have relied on meditation heavily in these past months. As so many of you now know I struggle with Lyme Disease. Lets just say it continues to rock my world, but as I let go of the struggle I am making more room for things that are lighter and happier. I can feel a shift. Shifting your focus to the positive and accepting or even forgiving yourself and others....equals major change. I highly recommend gifting yourself ten minutes a day of deep mediation and prayer to either your god, spirit, the universe, whomever that higher power is for you. It may just be a conversation with yourself. I believe in energy, and attracting the positive vibes. If you are not careful you can attract the negative. It can easily happen. Maybe it is like minds attract....Meditation and positive mantra practice can lift you from negative and gift you more positive life experiences. This is new for me, but it is a needs time. There is always a little more time for you.
After I accepted my kisses I found myself with ten minutes to practice. This of course has been post mom life craziness this morning among other things. My prayer and mantra was this simple:
Dear Universe, I forgive myself for judging myself to much and pushing to hard to make things perfect. I forgive others for judging me in the process. I forgive myself for judging others too. I ask for more freedom in my own life. As I continue to edit my life  I ask for love and light as my world is shifting personally and also in business. 
After speaking this simple prayer I focused on my breathe. Deep breathing, sitting tall, relaxing the shoulders, and ending with: The light in me continues. 
These tiny moments, like a kiss, make all the difference today. Give it a try! I have to give a shout out to Gabby Bernstien. Her books helped me dive into this practice. Her spiritual guidance, and life tips are worth the read. She motivates, and gets you thinking differently. XO

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