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Hello Friends, fans, and partners! A quick note to say we would like your help! We want to hear from you sooner rather than later. 
What do you love about FINN & CO. fragrances? What products do you wish to see? The more information we can gather from you we can work better towards our dreams/goals. Of course, we can not whip up all the suggestions at once but we are ready to make a master list! We have some other news too - We are taking on a partner who is helping the FINN & CO. dream - expanding, re launching and much more. There will be more on this - on her later with proper introductions. For now, we want to know about you and what kind of products you love and the why behind it. Do you prefer glass over plastic? Did you experience our creams in glass bottles before we switched to the plastic? I think some images of them are roaming around on Pinterest. We even spotted one of our old amber glass bottles in Diane Keaton's new book-
The Home that Pinterest Built. Talk about dreamy! 
Which fragrance is your favorite and why? Do you wish to see more body care or home care? We value your opinion on this, and hope to make some delicious new recipes with your favorite scents. We can't do this without you! Currently on our vision board - bringing back the fan favorite White Sand oil, and the amber double wick candles. We can not say when these products are back in stock just yet but we are working very hard to make it happen this summer into fall. We are discussing mini candles-tea lights? We are discussing body polish in squeeze tubes....a yummy cologne for him or for her? Our ideas are endless and perhaps yours are too. Let us know. Help us create the ultimate list for NEW product! Write a comment below, or send us an email, or reach out on face book. We will listen and we value your opinion and feelings about the products. We want to include you more on this journey of ours. Please do not be afraid to say what you want! Your voice matters! Stay tuned!! 
Thank you everyone! XO

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White Sand fragrance oil is my favorite but why are you always sold out? I’ve been waiting for months.

MaryEllen Hall

Black Sand is the best fragrance ever!!!

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