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Hello Friends, fans, and partners! A quick note to say we would like your help! We want to hear from you sooner rather than later. 
What do you love about FINN & CO. fragrances? What products do you wish to see? The more information we can gather from you we can work better towards our dreams/goals. Of course, we can not whip up all the suggestions at once but we are ready to make a master list! We have some other news too - We are taking on a partner who is helping the FINN & CO. dream - expanding, re launching and much more. There will be more on this - on her later with proper introductions. For now, we want to know about you and what kind of products you love and the why behind it. Do you prefer glass over plastic? Did you experience our creams in glass bottles before we switched to the plastic? I think some images of them are roaming around on Pinterest. We even spotted one of our old amber glass bottles in Diane Keaton's new book-
The Home that Pinterest Built. Talk about dreamy! 
Which fragrance is your favorite and why? Do you wish to see more body care or home care? We value your opinion on this, and hope to make some delicious new recipes with your favorite scents. We can't do this without you! Currently on our vision board - bringing back the fan favorite White Sand oil, and the amber double wick candles. We can not say when these products are back in stock just yet but we are working very hard to make it happen this summer into fall. We are discussing mini candles-tea lights? We are discussing body polish in squeeze tubes....a yummy cologne for him or for her? Our ideas are endless and perhaps yours are too. Let us know. Help us create the ultimate list for NEW product! Write a comment below, or send us an email, or reach out on face book. We will listen and we value your opinion and feelings about the products. We want to include you more on this journey of ours. Please do not be afraid to say what you want! Your voice matters! Stay tuned!! 
Thank you everyone! XO

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White sand!!!!! Anything and everything in it would be wonderful. I’ve grown up on the ocean and never found a scent that truly encapsulated the scent until this product. It’s so light, refreshing and great mood changer just opening it!

Heather Skarbek

I absolutely love the White Sand candle! It’s the best scented candle I’ve ever smelled!! Please bring it back!! I would love to try the oils and especially that one that was in limited quantities with sparkles in it. The perfume sounds like a favorite, too and I’d love to try it!! I keep checking my emails to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Haven’t gotten an email from your company since October. Hoping you’re able to continue your amazing vision and product line. Less is more and you definitely have created something special:-)

Melanie Livingston

My favorite is white sand. It smells like a day at the beach…warm skin, suntan lotion, salty air, ocean. It’s just delicious!!! Powder would be wonderful! Bring back the perfume please! Glass would be nice, since it’s always on my dresser! Maybe a shower gel and a body scrub. I’d buy it all.


Also a light weight lotion would be nice

Keri A

I had never found a scent that felt perfect to me until I discovered Black Sand. I love it so I ordered an extra roll on and cream last fall because I was unsure if you were moving towards discontinuing it. I have been on the lookout for something to replace it just in case that is the direction but nothing comes close.

In addition, I was late to the Glo Oil and an unfortunate spill cost me the rest of my jar. The scent and quick absorption was the perfect combination for me all year round.

I would love to see Black Sand kept and Glo worked back into the rotation – thank you for making such wonderful products!


white sand black sand candles!!!! oil!!! and the creams! Gave the cream to a first time pregnant mom and she has already ordered more! It is luscious!

Paula Briggs Laverty

I love, love Black Sand. Wish the body cream came in a travel size. I don’t mind the plastic packaging as I recycle the empty jars . Glass would be classy but I keep it in the shower so dropping glass would be a problem. How about a roll-on fragrance? Thanks!!


WHITE SAND perfume!! Clean, gentle, sweet scent. BEST SCENT EVER! Why? Smells the beach here, in SoCal…. calms my mind, NEVER have had so many compliments on how “GREAT” & “Wonderful” the scent I wore!! Organic powder? Bath oil? BUT BRING BACK the PERFUME first!!! PLEASE!!1

Gina Namin

White Sand is my favorite, my BFF’s too. It smells like the beach in summer.

Monalee Legassie

My favorite fragrance is White Sand. Scented Candles would be wonderful. Also ……waiting for the white sand oil.


Black sand fragrance is my all time favorite!!! Could not be more excited that the candle is making a comeback! I even called stores on the stocklist to purchase the candles when they were retired (talk about true love for a product). Would love to see a body/face oil of some sorts. Looking forward to the changes ahead!


Want to buy White Sand
Cream & roller ball
I’m thinking environmentally glass would be better
Please let me know when these products will be available, Thank You
Love your products


My absolute favorite is the White Sands body lotion. I buy it every couple months to replenish in case y’all stop selling it! I love it!

Kate Charland

I LOVE the black sand perfume and lotion, it’s my go to for summer evenings when I go out. A Favorite and I always get a ton of compliments.

Cheryl Varney

I wear White Sands EVERYDAY! PLEASE please please don’t discontinue it. Everywhere I go people say something about how wonderful I smell! I buy it in bulk from y’all. I’d rather have it in glass because we have such an awful problem with massive quantities of plastics in our world but would also love it in a tube because I travel a lot! Anything you make in this scent….I’ll buy!!!!!! Heard you’re selling the company. Praying that this scent doesn’t change. I’ve been supporting your company for several years! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do. Thanks so much!

Jane Brooks

I’m not surprised Diane Keaton has your amber bottled cream! It’s SO COOL bring it back!


Just left my comment but it disappeared so I will try again…Love Black Sand roll on oil. What a fantastic scent you have come up with. My daughter and I are wanting to buy the White Sand roll on oil too. Is it available yet?

Jennifer Covert

I am not much in to perfume but absolutely love the black sand and white sand oils. I would love soy candles in these scents, hand cream, travel size cream, body spray and scrub. Keep up the good work!

Sharon Roane

Black sand is such a fantastic scent. I get so many complements. But when is White Sand going to be available? Can’t wait to try the roll on oil too.

Allison Currie

We love the White Sand body cream but we also really loved the White Sand candles. Our very last one just finished. It would be great if we could buy more.

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